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What is Lingual Orthodontics (Invisible Braces)?

Lingual orthodontics is a type of braces treatment used to correct crowding and malocclusion of the teeth. Placing the braces on the inside of the teeth is a preferred method because it does not affect the appearance. Although there is a wear period due to the contact of the wires with the tongue for the first 2 weeks, it provides a lot of advantages to the person. The treatment is performed by dentists specialized in the field.

What is Lingual Orthodontics (Invisible Braces)?

Lingual Orthodontic treatment is very advantageous because it eliminates aesthetic concerns and offers a wide range of applications.

Who Can Receive Invisible Braces Treatment?

Invisible braces treatment can be applied to people of all age groups. It is especially preferred by people who are obsessed with their appearance and who are in the public eye due to their work. In addition to these, Lingual orthodontic treatment;

  • With jaw disorders,
  • People with crowded teeth,
  • With gaps between teeth,
  • With aesthetic concerns,
  • Having general oral and dental problems,
  • It can be applied to people who have a habit of grinding their teeth.

How Long Does Invisible Braces Treatment Take?

The duration of invisible braces treatment can vary between 12 months and 24 months. The jaw and tooth structures of young patients are more flexible, which shortens the treatment time. For this reason, the treatment period of young people is shorter than that of adults. 

Other factors affecting the duration of treatment are; the degree of disorder in the alignment of the teeth, existing oral and dental health problems in the mouth, the patient's commitment to treatment and the treatment plan determined by the dentist. 

Since adults have more dental problems than children, the treatment of adults takes longer than children. For this reason, only the dentist who manages the treatment process can give information about the exact duration of the braces treatment.

What are the Advantages of Invisible Braces?

The first advantage of invisible braces is that they are invisible compared to traditional braces. In addition, the advantages can be listed as follows:

  • Completely eliminates the aesthetic appearance concerns of patients
  • Patients begin to experience the result of treatment early on, when about 6 teeth begin to improve and they smile because the braces are on the back surface
  • Applicable for all age groups
  • Because the brackets used are smaller in volume and flat, they do not cause tissue damage
  • Personalized and minimizes discomfort compared to normal braces

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