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At Üsküdar Dental Hospital, with our patient-oriented, preventive medicine approach, we work to ensure that you have strong and healthy teeth not only today but even in your 80s. As Üsküdar Dental Hospital, which draws its academic strength from the experienced staff of Üsküdar University Faculty of Dentistry, we offer personalized oral and dental health services with our expert dentists. At Üsküdar Dental Hospital, which brings together interest, knowledge and experience under the same roof; We offer full-fledged services in many different branches such as prosthetics, gum diseases, jaw surgery, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics. We perform dental treatments of special patient groups such as autism and developmental delay under general anesthesia in our fully equipped operating room.

"Healthy teeth, healthy future" In our pediatric dentistry department, which works with the philosophy of "healthy teeth, healthy future" we instill oral and dental health awareness in our children; We carry out a treatment process where love and happiness prevail, not fear. In addition to all these, as Üsküdar Dental Hospital, we are at your side whenever you need us with our cleft lip and palate, speech disorders and dental aesthetics clinics for the elderly.

We are always with you with the power we get from science, our academic expert staff, our technological facilities, our personalized patient-oriented approach from 7 to 70.