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What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

Esthetic dentistry; is a field of dentistry that aims to make teeth not only healthier but also aesthetically impressive. The aesthetic appearance targeted in this field is determined depending on the physical and social characteristics of the individual. For this reason, the applications used in aesthetic dentistry differ from person to person.

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that improves the shape of the smile, the color, alignment, size, general health and functionality of the teeth. Among the problems that can lower a person's self-confidence; gum recession, chipped teeth, stained and discolored teeth, deformities may be included. Treatment of such problems is provided by dentists specialized in their field.

What are the Methods Used in Aesthetic Dentistry?

The methods used in aesthetic dentistry are determined depending on what the problem is and the dental health of the person. In addition, the methods used can be listed as follows:

  • Esthetic filling procedures,
  • Gingival aesthetic treatments,
  • Porcelain laminae and restorations
  • Zirconium applications and coatings
  • Tooth whitening applications,

Which Treatment Methods Are Used in Aesthetic Dentistry?

In the field of aesthetic dentistry, the treatment method is applied according to the needs of the patients and the existing problem. Since the oral and jaw structure differs from person to person, the treatment is applied individually. Treatment methods used in aesthetic dentistry are: 

Pink and White Aesthetics
Aesthetics is as important as functionality in dentistry applications. In some cases, it is necessary to intervene in the surrounding tissues and especially the gums in order for the tooth to gain the desired posture and appearance. Aesthetic applications to the gums are called pink aesthetics.

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)
It is very important that the teeth look beautiful as well as being healthy. With the teeth whitening application, the person is provided with an aesthetic appearance and a perfect tooth whiteness.

Dental Crystal (Tooth Diamond)
People who want their teeth to be more aesthetic and more radiant in terms of appearance have recently preferred dental diamonds. This application, also called dental crystal, has become popular in terms of making a difference on the tooth surface and in the smile of the individual. 

Esthetic Fillers
Aesthetic filling provides a more beautiful and aesthetic smile by using composite material on the teeth and filling material in the color of the person's teeth.

Digital Smile Program
Digital smile program, also known as digital smile design, is a chain of protocols that enables the correct determination of the elements that can be developed regarding the individual's smile aesthetics with digital and manual techniques and to make decisions in this way. With personalized treatment opportunities, patients are provided with the smile they demand.

Invisalign treatment, also called transparent aligner treatment, is a method in which crowded teeth are corrected with a series of customized transparent aligners that wrap around the teeth.

Zirconium Tooth
Zirconium is a metal-free dental crown consisting of a white material. It is used by experts to cover the tooth surfaces of individuals who want to have more beautiful and white teeth. 

Empress Teeth (Full Ceramic Teeth)
It is made entirely of ceramic and can also be called full porcelain teeth. It is an indispensable type of coating in aesthetic dentistry due to the light transmittance of the structure called 'empress' used in its substructure and does not contain metal.

Porcelain Lamina
Lamina porcelain veneers, which are one of the most preferred applications of aesthetic dentistry in recent years, increase the quality of life with their advantages as well as giving a natural tooth form.

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