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What is Transparent Aligner Treatment (Wireless Orthodontics)?

The orthodontic treatments for the treatment of improper jaw closure, primarily the correction of spaced or crowded teeth, are diversifying with new technologies. As an alternative to braces that have been used for a long time, transparent aligner treatment (brace-free orthodontics) is among the preferred methods. With this treatment method, teeth can be straightened with individualized transparent aligners without the need to use uncomfortable braces. It provides many benefits to sick people. In order to minimize the deterioration after this treatment, people should apply the plates that protect the teeth for the time recommended by the experts.

What is Transparent Aligner Treatment (Wireless Orthodontics)?

Wireless orthodontic treatment, is stated as orthodontic treatment method which is performed by applying transparent aligners made individually with 3D printers, without preferring conventional metal or porcelain wires. Transparent aligners are one of the most aesthetic treatment alternatives most suitable for individuals who do not prefer to wear braces but are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth. Measurements are taken from the person and moved to the digital area and the teeth are gradually moved to their appropriate places in the digital environment.

What is Transparent Bracket Therapy?

First of all, it is started by taking measurements at the beginning of the treatment. The impression taking process is applied from the upper and lower jaw. Teeth are photographed from inside and outside the mouth. X-rays should also be taken for the inside of the mouth. These procedures are used before and after the aligners are placed when necessary. After the impression is taken, the impressions are sent to the relevant places for plaque preparation. This process is prepared for about 1 week and delivered for treatment. Then, the specialist does it himself for the plate insertion process.

The person can then put the aligner in and take it out himself/herself. When the aligner is first inserted, some tightness may be felt, as in many braces treatments. Short-term pain may occur. This situation can be discussed in detail with the specialist. When all the details for transparent dental treatment are applied as required, very healthy results are obtained.

How Transparent Bracket Treatment Works

Orthodontic clear aligner treatment, which constitutes one of the healthiest aesthetic treatment options, is performed without the appearance of a specific wire. Since these clear aligners are removable, it is possible to interrupt the treatment at the expected time during the day.

During the usual wire treatment , the teeth are strengthened with the help of wires and there is a waiting period of 1 month. This causes pain and discomfort due to the increased force applied. This pain caused by metal braces is minimized with transparent aligners;  When this treatment is applied, pain and discomfort are minimized with aligners that are changed weekly.

Another side effect of wire treatment is that the cheek and lip parts can be cut after friction of the metal surface. Wound formation is usual during treatment. Since it is removable, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

The fact that it has a transparent appearance and cannot be recognized when viewed from the outside provides an aesthetically more beautiful appearance. The fact that the transparent plaques are removable provides more convenience when eating. In situations such as important meetings or events, the individual is comfortable both in terms of speech and image.

Advantages of Transparent Bracket Treatment

Treatment with transparent braces leads to a more aesthetic appearance, as it is not visible from the outside. It is generally preferred so that individuals' work and social lives are not affected. Transparent treatment is completed in the same time as treatment with metal brackets. Both a functional and aesthetic appearance is achieved.

Disadvantages of Transparent Bracket Treatment

The disadvantage is that the cost of clear aligners may be slightly higher than other treatments. It may not be possible to achieve results with every treatment, especially skeletal. Some cases can only be treated with braces. It may cause speech problems for 1-2 days during the adaptation period.

Why is a transparent plaque inserted?

Transparent aligners are apparatuses developed as an alternative to metal and porcelain braces for the correction of crowded teeth. Transparent aligners, which are preferred for the treatment of certain levels of crowded teeth, provide an advantage because they can be removed while consuming something or brushing teeth.

Does Transparent Plaque Fix Teeth?

Transparent aligners are generally preferred for the treatment of crowded teeth and spaced teeth in children and young people. It straightens the tooth in a very short time compared to metal braces. This treatment method, which has been used as an alternative to braces that have been used for a long time, is the widely preferred treatment method. With this method, teeth are straightened with individualized transparent aligners without the need for uncomfortable braces.

Who Can Receive Transparent Plaque Treatment?

Transparent aligner treatment is usually applied to many individuals. However, it may be possible to solve dental problems with this treatment method, classical methods should be preferred for those with more severe skeletal problems.
Since it is not possible for patients to classify the problems they have as skeletal or dental, the source of the problem and the suitability of this form of treatment for the person can be learned through orthodontic control. There is no age limit for this treatment as in classical orthodontic methods.

Who Cannot Receive Transparent Plaque Treatment?

This treatment method is not applicable in some cases. If the transparent plate is not worn sufficiently, the treatment will be negative. This aligner should be worn for approximately 22 hours. Whether it will be used in some individuals is determined after oral and dental control. 

Transparent aligner application is not preferred for individuals with small mouth and teeth structure. This is entirely related to the transparent aligner system. Another important factor is that it cannot be applied to those with skeletal problems. 

How long does the transparent plaque treatment last?

The treatment period lasts on average between 3-5 months depending on the area where the teeth are present. Each transparent aligner must be worn for at least 22 hours a day and must be worn for two weeks. At the end of 2 weeks, the teeth take the shape of the plate and the second plate with a little more correction is applied on it and the teeth turn into the shape of the new plate for 14 days.

Is Invisalign Treatment Painful?

Invisalign is more comfortable than metal braces, but there is less chance of pain or discomfort. According to experts, using invisible teeth-aligning appliances can increase the potential for pain in the first week. Pain with Invisalign also depends on individual pain tolerance.

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