Üsküdar Dental Hospital
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Vision - Mission

Vision - Mission

Our Vision:

Üsküdar Dental Hospital aims to be a reliable, excellence-oriented academic health institution that aims to ensure the satisfaction of patients and their relatives and is a reference in the services it offers. 

Our Mission:

The mission of Üsküdar Dental Hospital is to protect the oral and dental health of individuals and to improve their quality of life;

  • Providing personalized medical practices in international standards, in the light of contemporary science, with a multidisciplinary approach,
  • To adopt preventive medicine as well as therapeutic practices in appropriate economic conditions, respecting patient rights and adhering to ethical values,
  • To provide quality education and health services in the light of scientific-based knowledge without compromising ethical principles with its specialized academic staff and experienced healthcare professionals,
  • To develop the specialization and professional standards of dentistry with research and treatment services, to transfer them to patient treatments and to undertake social responsibility projects.

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