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What is the All-On-Four Practice?

Recently, oral and dental health is among the factors that determine the quality of life of people. This has played a decisive role in dentists' prosthesis planning. Procedures that increase patient satisfaction attract more attention.

What is the All-On-Four Practice?

All-on-Four application is a fast and effective form of treatment for people with no teeth, sinus lift, bone augmentation and bone deficiency to terminate situations that require advanced surgical procedures.

All-on-4 treatment is a technique in which a fixed full jaw prosthetic restoration is performed on 4-6 implants on the same day with a surgical operation. It provides patient satisfaction by aiming for function, aesthetics, taste, speech and self-confidence.

How to Implement All On Four

All-on-four treatment uses the same titanium screw mechanism as conventional implants. The biggest difference between traditional implants and All-on-4 implants is how they are placed in the mouth. While 8-10 implants are used to replace missing teeth in a completely edentulous jaw, with this new method only 4 implants are sufficient.

In the front, where the bone is thickest, 2 implants are added. In the back of the jawbone, 2 implants are placed. The implants in the front are placed at a 90-degree angle, while the implants in the back are placed at a 45-degree angle to achieve maximum stability. The next step after the placement of these 4 implants is the placement of bridges or crowns over the implants.

In all-on-four treatment, temporary prostheses are made ready according to the measurements taken from the patients before the treatment. Under local anesthesia, if the person has teeth to be extracted, they are extracted and implants are placed. The prepared temporary prostheses are placed on these implants. After 90 days, the person's permanent prostheses are attached.

Who Can Get the All On Four Implant Technique?

First of all, people who have lost all their teeth can benefit from this treatment. However, for people who have lost most of their teeth, prosthetic tooth application can be realized with this technique.

However, the remaining teeth must be extracted before treatment. This treatment is especially recommended for people with high bone loss in the back of the upper and lower jaw. It is very important for people to start using prosthetic teeth on the same day. 

In the event that various problems such as gum diseases are detected in the examination performed before the treatment, a treatment is first carried out to improve these problems. 

What are the Advantages of All On Four Implants?

All-on-four technique allows the treatment to be completed in a short time and a healthy appearance to be achieved quickly. This technique is economically more advantageous than the traditional implant method for people who are completely edentulous or potentially edentulous. The implants are supported from the area with better bone quality, thus preventing damage to anatomical structures. 

All-on-4 treatment, is a long-term proven form of treatment with up to 10 years of control in the lower jaw and up to 5 years of control in the upper jaw. In general, the advantages of the treatment performed by applying the all on four method are as follows;

  • The success rate is quite high.
  • This method contributes to prevent bone loss.
  • The treatment period is not long.
  • Since there is a comfortable healing process, it does not strain people.
  • When temporary prostheses are applied on the day of the implant, people do not have problems with nutrition and speech functions.
  • Significant improvement in speech and chewing functions is achieved.
  • It is a very suitable option especially for people who have problems using removable prostheses.
  • It also supports people's self-confidence in terms of aesthetics.
  • This treatment does not require as many implants and is therefore more economical.
  • It eliminates the worry of the prosthesis moving during speech or feeding.

How to Care for All On Four

In the treatment applied with the all on four method, prosthetic teeth should be maintained. Attention should be paid to oral and dental hygiene. Specially developed materials can be preferred for denture care and cleaning. Prosthetic teeth are cared for with these materials.

However, it is also not correct to try to break or chew very hard objects with the teeth. Although prosthetic teeth are made of robust materials, it should be remembered that they are just like real teeth, they are in danger of breaking or cracking. You can get detailed information from your dentist about how to provide care after this treatment and the points to be considered.

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