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Human Resources

Human Resources

In order to provide health services in our Dental Hospital and to provide the methods and conditions envisaged by science while providing this service, innovative approach and up-to-date technologies are brought together. We act from the point of view that our most valuable asset is human beings, and this perspective also forms the basis of our human resources policy.

The extent to which Üsküdar University Dental Hospital's values are compatible with the corporate culture and competencies is also taken into consideration. All members of the Dental Hospital are expected to be individuals who are committed to the corporate culture, believe in teamwork, are open to communication, attach importance to development, are resilient, can work interculturally, observe service quality, are participatory and innovative. Since we work in the health sector, we provide services with a "patient satisfaction" oriented working system. In this context, it is a must that we have an employee potential that aims to exceed the expectations of our patients.

First of all, people who are devoted to their work, have high communication skills, empathy, teamwork and initiative, and are experts in their work are included in our potential employee list.

Üsküdar University Dental Hospital physician and staff recruitment processes are carried out by the Department of Personnel of our University.

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