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Pink Aesthetics (Gingival Aesthetics)

The aesthetic appearance of the gums is as important as the teeth in an appealing smile. In order to complete the aesthetics, the defects in the gums must be improved. These disorders include issues such as the level, papillae, zenith points, color and thickness of the gums.

Pink Aesthetics (Gingival Aesthetics)

Pink aesthetics (gingival aesthetics) application is generally needed in the smile design process. Like dental aesthetics, gingival aesthetics also includes some criteria. The main goal here is to create gums that are closest to the criteria and look natural. The methods of arrangement in the gums are planned according to the needs of the case.

In spite of the aesthetic gingival arrangement, people who have intense gingiva in their smile can be applied without any difference in the facial mimics of the individual. The important thing is to know the structure of the area where the application will be made very well and to make it to the right points.

Who is Pink Aesthetics Applied to?

It is normal to see some gums, but if they appear too much, this problem can be solved with simple interventions. The first examination is always very important. In some cases, if the bone underneath can be intervened, surgical procedure can be performed. The important thing here is to examine the patient carefully and decide which technique to use. Otherwise, the gums may grow back and the same situation may recur. We can list the people to whom pink aesthetics (gingival aesthetics)   will be applied as follows;

  • People with different gum levels
  • Individuals with more or less gums
  • Who have gingivitis
  • People with asymmetrical gums

How to do Pink Aesthetics

After the elimination of gum disorders, pink aesthetic application is performed. In the pink aesthetic process, it is generally aimed to eliminate the problems that occur intensively in the gums. Thanks to this treatment, people are provided with healthy pink gums without bleeding or swelling. The treatment applied for aesthetic purposes starts after this stage.

What are Pink Aesthetic Methods?

Many different methods are applied in gingival aesthetics in the field of pink aesthetics. The treatment methods performed in gingival aesthetics are as follows;

Gingivectomy: The aim is to eliminate excess gingival deformities and prevent gingival growth.

Regenerative: In this technique, tissues damaged by gum disease are healed by activating the body's self-renewal function.

Crown Lengthening: The gum tissue and bone are completely reconstructed to make the teeth appear longer.

Gingivoplasty: Gingivoplasty: Gum levels and excess visible gums are smoothed. Unlike gingivectomy, gum pockets are also treated.

How to Achieve a Flawless Smile with Pink Aesthetics

To achieve a perfect smile, the gums, teeth, lips and jaw must be in harmonious synchronization. In case of gingival aesthetics, the methods to be applied are determined according to the presence of the problem. With these methods to be applied, some gums may need to be slightly reduced during the smile, and the gums that appear too much can be shaped. 

Before aesthetic application on the gums, the gums must be healthy. Healthy gums are pink in color, do not bleed and have a slightly rough surface. If there is swelling, redness and bleeding in the gums, the gums should be treated before gum aesthetics. In this case, while different treatments such as gingival curettage should be applied, it is also necessary to provide dental scaling (detertraj).

What are Gum Diseases?

Gums are very important for oral health. Unhealthy gums are not beneficial for oral health and dental health. Some gum problems can be seen due to hereditary or environmental factors. The main causes of gum problems are as follows;

  • Genetic factors,
  • Nutritional pattern,
  • Use of harmful substances such as cigarettes, alcohol,
  • Wisdom teeth,
  • Nutritional problems
  • Side effects of some medications used,
  • My oral care is not adequate.

Pink Aesthetic Prices

Pink aesthetic prices differ according to the treatment method to be applied to the person. After the person is examined, an appropriate treatment plan is prepared according to the problems occurring in the teeth and gums. 

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