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Emax Dental Veneers

Emax dental veneers are applications that are frequently preferred in recent years and give an aesthetic and natural appearance to the teeth of the person. Emax veneers do not contain metal and therefore do not carry the risk of allergic reactions caused by metal. It is a method that meets the expectations of people in terms of naturalness with its translucent structure and light transmittance. These coatings, which are applied by specialists trained in their field, provide full conformity as they are made individually.

Emax Dental Veneers

Emax veneers are more transparent than standard zirconiums, allowing more light to pass through, giving a natural appearance. 

How to Get Emax Dental Veneers

Emax dental veneer treatment The dental impressions of the patients to be applied are taken. Dental samples are obtained by making a thin layer of the material used in the production of Emax dental crowns and then filling it underneath. Crowns are cut into blocks and combined according to the order of the teeth to be made. Emax dental crown treatment is completed by placing the prepared teeth on the teeth of the patients.

Emax dental veneers are a dental procedure that provides both durable and aesthetic looking results. Since no metal content is used in the production of Emax dental veneers, it does not cause a feeling of heaviness in the teeth. Situations such as incomplete fit to the tooth or gaps, which are at risk in porcelain veneers, are not seen in Emax dental veneers.

What are the Differences Between Emax and Zirconium?

The main difference between max dental veneers and zirconium dental veneers is the material used in the construction stages. The decision about which dental coating method will be more suitable for the patient and provide better results should be made by the dentist.

Since the Emax crown is made of a vitreous ceramic, it is more fragile and is generally preferred for smaller treatments. Zirconium is used more often, especially in cases where more extensive and longer processes are needed, such as dental bridges. Since Emax has a more transparent structure, it is often used in less structurally impaired teeth. It is possible to use zirconium for all types of dental crowns.

Especially in the treatment of veneers for teeth located behind the palate, zirconium comes to the fore due to its functional properties. In cases where veneers are to be applied only to the front group teeth and there are only minor deformities, Emax can be used instead of zirconium.

Since Emax porcelain has more light transmittance, it provides more aesthetic results than zirconium dental veneers. However, zirconium is more prominent in terms of durability. In cases where more than one tooth is missing, it is preferred to apply zirconium bridge prostheses rather than Emax bridge prostheses due to their fragile structure.

Who Cannot Have Emax Veneers?

Emax dental veneers application is performed on patients who complain about the appearance and structure of their teeth. This application is not recommended for patients who have too many missing teeth, decayed back teeth and structural defects in their back teeth.

Emax Coating Application Indications

Emax veneers are frequently applied by dentists to the front incisors for reasons such as their longevity, lack of metal content, high light transmittance, and natural and aesthetic appearance. 

  • Dental and smile aesthetic applications
  • Discolored teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Crooked and crooked teeth
  • Tissue loss teeth
  • Laminated tooth applications

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