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What is Dental Floss?

Dental floss is one of the tools that provide oral and dental care applied to clean between the teeth. Its effect increases when used regularly with a toothbrush. The toothbrush may not always reach the food and nutrient residues between the teeth. Therefore, it should be used before or after tooth brushing. Dental floss recommended by experts plays an important role in preventing bad breath and tooth decay when used correctly and regularly.

What is Dental Floss?

The use of dental floss is important to ensure oral and dental hygiene. The mouth, which is in contact with food and food and open to the outside, is a suitable environment for the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. Therefore, it is important to use it regularly on a daily basis to protect oral health.

How to Use Dental Floss

The use of dental floss may vary depending on the structure of the mouth and the use of the individual. When used correctly, it removes nutrients and food residues from the parts that the toothbrush cannot touch and provides precautions against tooth decay or gum diseases. 
How dental floss should be used can be listed as follows:

  • About 40 cm long, most of the rope should be wrapped around the middle fingers, leaving a gap of about 5 cm in the rope 
  • It should be held firmly between the thumb and forefinger, moving up and down between the teeth
  • Application should be done on all tooth surfaces and past the gum line, but should not be forced
  • Clean parts of the floss should be used during the transition to different teeth
  • Do not move too fast during application and removal

What are the Types of Dental Floss?

Types of dental floss are classified differently according to their production material and design. There are two types of dental floss produced from many different materials according to the production material. Dental floss classified according to production material are:

  • PTFE
  • Nylon

There are also two different types of dental floss in terms of design. These are; 

  • With toothpick
  • Roll

Which Type of Floss Should I Use?

It is important for people to choose and use the appropriate type of thread for their mouth and teeth. There are 2 types: multi-filament (Nylon) and single filament (PTFE). People with tight tooth structure can use single filament PTFE type floss. This type of floss slides more easily between tight teeth and is resistant to tearing.  
Nylon type floss can be sold in different flavors, waxed and unwaxed. Because it is made of multiple nylon strands, the joints can wear or tear between tight teeth. 
People can get support by contacting their dentist to find out which dental flosses are suitable for their mouth and tooth structure.

Does Dental Floss Spread Between Teeth?

There are some misconceptions known by people about the use of dental floss. One of them is that dental floss causes gaps between the teeth and opens the gaps between the teeth. 
Dental flosses are produced in accordance with people's mouth and tooth structure. People do not experience any problems when they prefer and use the one that suits them. Dental floss does not open between the teeth and does not cause abrasion on the tooth surface.
When used correctly and regularly, they have many benefits for oral and dental health. People with fillings in their teeth may feel uneasy about the use of these materials. However, dental fillings are produced from materials that will not be affected by dental floss. Therefore, it does not cause any harm and damage to dental fillings.

Improper Flossing

There are some common mistakes people make when using dental floss. One of these mistakes is the continuous use of the same floss. It should not be forgotten that these products are disposable. The used part should be discarded after application. 
Another wrong flossing method is to clean only the parts of the teeth that are far from the gums. The floss should be used to clean the tooth surfaces and the gum line. Plaque accumulation can be prevented in this way. 

Correct Use of Dental Floss

There is some simple information about proper flossing that people can learn in a short time. Incorrectly used dental floss can damage the gums. The most important point to be considered is not to apply pressure during tooth cleaning.
Applying pressure that will cause the floss to break can also damage the gums. Therefore, it should be done without too much pressure. It is known that dental floss is for single use. For this reason, they should not be washed and stored after use and should not be used again. 
The string should be placed between the tooth and the gum, leaning towards the tooth as it approaches the gum. Holding the thread without losing contact, it should be moved from bottom to top in the direction of the side surface of the tooth. Then, the same movement should be repeated by leaning against the side tooth. 

What are the Benefits of Dental Floss?

The earlier you start using dental floss, the greater the benefits in terms of oral and dental health. However, starting late does not mean it is too late. Dental floss makes teeth cleaner and healthier, breath fresher and gums healthier.
It is especially important to use it before bedtime. The benefits can be seen over time. In the first days of use, the teeth look cleaner and there is a clean feeling in the mouth. It is beneficial in preventing the formation of tooth decay and reducing the possibility of gum diseases. 
The benefits of dental floss can be listed as follows:

  • Contributes to oral and dental hygiene
  • Prevents bad breath in the morning
  • Prevents gum diseases and minimizes bleeding gums
  • Prevents plaque formation

Which Dental Floss to Prefer?

People should choose dental floss that is suitable for their mouth and teeth structure. A dentist can be consulted for help in this regard. Dental floss is divided into 2 types: multi-filament (Nylon) and single filament (PTFE). Nylon type floss is not recommended for tight teeth and may tear when used by people with tight teeth. 
Single filament dental floss is generally recommended for individuals with tight dentition. On the other hand, toothpick floss is known to be simple and fast to use. Toothpick floss is more practical to use than roll floss. However, the toothpick part should be used carefully so as not to damage the gums.

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