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What is a Prosthetic Tooth?

Prosthetic teeth are applications made in case of tooth loss. Even if oral and dental care is done properly, problems may arise in some cases. There are many treatment applications and different methods for oral and dental health. However, if the treatments are unsuccessful, serious problems such as tooth loss may occur and in such cases, it may be necessary to apply prosthesis to the teeth.

What is a Prosthetic Tooth?

It is known that methods such as tooth prosthesis are the last preferred applications by dentists. In order to provide solutions to developing dental disorders and complaints, different treatment methods are planned first. In cases where treatment methods do not provide benefit, prosthesis applications may be recommended by dentist specialists.

How to make a prosthetic tooth

Prosthetic dentures are made using porcelain or acrylic material in most cases. Before the application, the patient undergoes a detailed examination and control. Especially the sharp bone protrusion, broken tooth root, palate and teeth of patients who have had tooth extraction before are checked. X-rays can also be taken during the examination if the physician needs it. After the examination, impressions are taken and the dental prosthesis process is started.
In this application, it is especially important to take upper and lower jaw measurements. The connection of the lower jaw and upper jaw with each other is also examined. Measurements are usually taken in one session. After the impressions are taken, a 3D copy of the teeth is transferred to the model and prepared. In addition, the prosthesis is prepared by paying attention to details such as the center line and smile line. 
At this stage, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of color. The tooth color that will give a very natural appearance is selected. Then a rehearsal is done and it is checked whether it is compatible with the patient. If there is no problem, the teeth are attached. However, when there is a section or detail that disturbs the patient, correction is made.

What are the Types of Prosthetic Teeth?

Prosthetic tooth types are available in a wide range. The type of prosthesis suitable for the patient's oral structure, expectations and jaw structure is determined and then prepared. Commonly used types of dental prosthesis are classified into 3 different categories: fixed, removable and on implants.

Fixed Prosthetic Teeth
Fixed dentures are used by fixing them in the mouth. The person cannot wear and remove these prostheses. They can only be applied if a single tooth is missing or if multiple teeth are missing.

Mobile Prosthetic Teeth
Removable dentures, also known as dentures, are prostheses that do not remain fixed in the mouth. These prostheses, which need to be cleaned daily, are applications made to eliminate chewing or speech problems after tooth loss and to provide an aesthetic appearance. 

Total Prostheses
It is an application performed when there is no natural tooth left in the mouth. It is made by taking support from the bone tissue in the jaw. It is mostly preferred at older ages. 

Partial Prostheses
These are prostheses that are made to replace missing teeth in the presence of some of the natural teeth and have the ability to be worn and removed. They are usually produced in acrylic material or one-piece casting. It is attached to the main teeth with the help of a crochet wire. Although it is not preferred much due to its aesthetic appearance, it is among the prostheses that are applied.

Immediatric Prostheses
Immediatric prosthesis is a prosthesis that replaces missing teeth and accompanying structures and is placed in the area immediately after tooth extraction in case of tooth extraction in the lower or upper jaw or both jaws. 

These prostheses are preferred when there are one or more teeth or roots in the mouth. They fit on natural teeth or tooth roots. They are not very preferred applications.  

Prostheses on Implants
This type of prosthesis can be both fixed and removable. Removable dentures are similar to total dentures made when there are no teeth in the mouth. The fixed ones are known as porcelain crowns made on one or more teeth.

How to Bond a Prosthetic Tooth

Particularly for people who use removable dentures and the full denture type of removable dentures, the prosthetic tooth bonding process is very important. Proper bonding of the teeth prevents problems that may arise during chewing. 
Prosthetic teeth can be easily bonded using different denture adhesives. However, at this point, it is healthier to use the products recommended by the physician. In addition, the tooth brushing procedure is also very important in this case and the dentures should be cared for daily.

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