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Tooth Diamond

Dental diamond is an application to make the tooth look more aesthetic. Dental diamonds, also called dental crystals, have become popular in terms of making a difference on the tooth surface and in the smile of the person. Dental crystals, which are very difficult to fall off the tooth surface and can be easily re-glued in case of falling off, are an advantageous aesthetic dentistry application because they can be applied at any age.

Tooth Diamond

People can choose different sizes of tooth crystals. It can be used easily because it does not damage the surface of your teeth and does not pose any risk to oral health. These applications should only be performed by specialists in their field. 

Who can get a dental diamond?

Dental diamonds can be worn by individuals of all age groups. However, there are some points to be considered before the application. First of all, the oral and dental health of the person must be fully ensured. Dental crystals are a procedure that should be performed by dentists who are experts in their field. Anyone with proper oral hygiene and teeth alignment can have dental crystals.

Stages of Dental Diamond Application

In the stages of dental diamond application, a very light abrasion process is performed on the part that will come to the outer surface of the diamond. A special adhesive called composite bonding is applied to the application area by dentists. 

Although the risk of the tooth crystal falling from the applied area after the procedure is very low, if the crystal falls, the dentist can easily replace it with a new one. When you want to remove the dental diamond, the tooth surface is restored to its former appearance by applying polish after the removal process.

What kind of stones are used in dental diamonds?

The type of stones used in dental diamonds is left to the individual's own preference. The person can also turn to different stones instead of crystal stones. Dental diamonds are more costly than dental stones. For this reason, the person can choose a stone suitable for their budget. However, since these stones are only applied to the tooth surface in the form of adhesion, the duration of use is shorter. 

This stone is unlikely to come out of the tooth surface, especially when eating or when the tooth is forced. The person may swallow the stone that comes out of the tooth and enters the mouth during the meal and may not be aware of this situation. When you want to remove these stones, there is no need for polishing. You can remove them directly.

What are the Advantages of Wearing a Tooth Diamond?

Dental crystals, which are preferred by people who want to make a difference in their smile and appearance, are aesthetic dentistry applications. The advantages of wearing dental diamonds can be listed as follows;

  • An aesthetic and striking smile,
  • Increase in self-confidence,
  • More relaxed smile,
  • Having a different style,
  • When done together with teeth whitening, it is possible to have aesthetic teeth.

Is There Any Harm in Wearing Tooth Diamonds?

Wearing dental diamonds does not cause any harm to health. However, the possibility of falling or swallowing during the consumption of extremely hard foods may be among the damages. In addition, only specialist dentists should intervene in dental crystals. 

Dental diamonds are usually made of glass or plastic and are attached to the teeth with a strong adhesive. Although the adhesive is typically safe, it can sometimes cause irritation or allergic reactions. In rare cases, these adhesives can also damage tooth enamel.

How long does it take to wear a dental diamond?

The duration of wearing a dental diamond is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. First, a very light abrasion is applied to the tooth and then the selected stone is glued onto the tooth. After the procedure, people can continue their daily life. There is no feeling of heaviness or pain during the procedure. It is also a procedure that can be applied to multiple teeth at the same time. 

Which Teeth Can Be Fitted with a Tooth Diamond?

Which tooth the dental diamond will be placed on is a matter of one's own preference and taste. However, oral hygiene and tooth alignment must be appropriate for this application to be performed. This procedure, which is mostly preferred by women, is usually performed on the upper side incisors among young girls. As it is known, it is a procedure that can be applied to more than one tooth. This procedure is performed by the dentist specialist after determining which tooth or teeth will be applied. 

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