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How to Clean Braces?

Braces cleaning is an important issue in the orthodontic process to ensure oral hygiene. Keeping the braces clean and maintaining oral hygiene prevents staining, tooth decay, inflammation and other complications that may occur around the brackets. For this reason, braces cleaning should be done correctly on a daily basis to prevent tooth decay or any discomfort.

How to Clean Braces?

If oral and dental health is not given due importance and oral hygiene is not performed properly, bacteria formation increases in the teeth and these bacteria can settle on the brackets and lead to tartar formation. As a result of calculus formation, tooth and gum diseases may occur. 

How to Care for Your Mouth After Orthodontic Treatment

It is important to maintain oral and dental hygiene after braces are fitted. It is important to clean the braces regularly, as the accumulation of food residues between the brackets and wires glued to the surface of the teeth can trigger the formation of caries. Some of the practices that can be done to keep braces clean and protect oral and dental health are as follows:

Tooth Brushing:
Flossing: The use of dental floss after orthodontic treatment is important to keep the braces clean. In this regard, it is important to choose the right floss and not to strain the brackets during flossing. 

Toothpaste Usage: In order to prevent redness or bleeding in the gums, protective toothpastes recommended by orthodontic specialists should be used. If the toothpastes recommended by the specialist are used after the treatment, the person will not encounter any problems.

Mouth Care Waters:

How to brush your teeth with braces

One of the most difficult steps after braces treatment is to provide oral care. In order to ensure oral hygiene, teeth should be brushed correctly and regularly. However, braces can make this a bit difficult. It is important not to damage the braces during brushing and to be careful in this regard. 

When braces are worn, it is possible for food residues to get between the wires. In order to prevent tooth and gum disorders, it is necessary to brush properly, especially between the wires, and to remove bacteria. The toothbrush recommended by the dentist should be used. After orthodontic treatment, toothbrushes specially produced for braces should be used. 

Oral hygiene can be achieved by applying a correct and effective brushing technique. When brushing the teeth, the person should not apply too much pressure and brush with soft movements. It should be ensured that there is no residue between the wires and brushing should be done carefully.

The brushing process should continue in small circles and the entire surface should be cleaned with soft movements for at least 3 minutes. After orthodontic treatment, dental floss recommended by the specialist should be used. The use of dental floss ensures that food residues are cleaned at the points where the toothbrush cannot reach.

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