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How to Care for Teeth and Gums?

The prolonged presence of bacteria in the mouth, teeth and gums increases the risk of gum disease. For this reason, tooth and gum care should be done regularly and correctly. How to care for teeth and gums, is one of the oral and dental health questions wondered by many people. With proper oral and dental hygiene, teeth and gums can remain healthy for life.

How to Care for Teeth and Gums?

Regular brushing alone may not be sufficient for tooth and gum care and different care practices may need to be applied. You should also visit the dentist at least twice a year and have regular check-ups to protect your gums.

What are the Methods to Protect Dental Health?

Healthy teeth and gums contribute to overall health. There are some steps that should be taken to care for teeth and gums. Brushing and flossing are essential elements of a good dental routine. However, here are steps that will benefit overall health and help maintain dental health:      

- Tooth brushing      
- Flossing      
- Rinsing      
- Balanced and proper nutrition      
- Routine dental check-ups

Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Brushing Teeth and Gums    
One of the first steps for healthy teeth and gums is tooth brushing. Brushing at least twice a day is effective against plaque and bacteria formation. It is also very important to choose a soft brush, not to brush hard and to brush using the right technique.        

Using Dental Floss     
Flossing should be done at least once a day. Flossing is important to get rid of food and plaque between the teeth where the toothbrush cannot reach. Plaque and bacteria that remain in the gums for a long time may cause gum diseases and may need to be cleaned by a dentist.        

Fluoride Mouthwash       
Experts recommend using a fluoride mouthwash to help strengthen tooth enamel. The use of mouthwash helps to wash away any residual plaque or food particles that may be left behind after brushing and flossing. You can get support from your dentist to choose the appropriate mouthwash.      

Feeding Right for Dental Health     
Proper nutrition is important for good dental health. Avoiding foods containing sugar and starch also prevents gum disease and tooth decay. These foods produce the most acid in the mouth and the longer they remain in the mouth, the more damage they can cause to the teeth.        
Consuming too much sugary food can cause tooth decay. For this reason, it is important not to consume too many foods such as candy, cookies, cakes, pies, sugary gum, bread and chips and to clean the mouth and teeth properly after consumption.      

Going to the dentist regularly     
Experts recommend dental check-ups at least every six months. Routine check-ups and professional cleaning are important for teeth and gum care. It is important to consult a dentist in case of tooth and gum problems, pain, bleeding or swollen gums.        

Do not smoke or use tobacco     
It is important to avoid smoking and similar tobacco products to protect teeth and gum health. Smokers are more likely to have stained teeth, gum disease and oral cancer.         

Avoid Alcohol Consumption     
After alcohol consumption, the amount of fluid in the body and the amount of saliva in the mouth decreases. Insufficient saliva can promote the growth of plaque and tartar. In addition, alcohol can cause tooth decay, cavities in the teeth, and contains high amounts of starch and sugar.

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