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First Dental Examination in Children

First Examination with a Pediatric Dentist is very important for both the child and the parents. During the first meeting with the dentist in children, the first aim is for the child to get to know and like the dentist. It is important for the dentist to win the child's heart in this meeting. The first examination is explained to the child as if it were a game and the instruments to be used in the treatment are introduced to the child. This contributes to the development of the child's sense of trust in the physician.

First Dental Examination in Children

The first dentist check should be done after the child's first tooth erupts.The first pediatric dentist (pedodontist) check should be done after the first milk tooth erupts (6 months-1 year). Families' awareness of this issue plays a very important role in the adventure of oral and dental health.     
The first task of pediatric dentists (pediatric) is to protect children against dental caries. In the first examination, it is necessary to act with the tell-demonstrate-apply method. In such a case, the child will gain a positive dental experience.

What to Consider Before the First Pediatric Dentist Examination

The main purpose of this first check-up at an early age is to show parents what needs to be done to prevent decay of the baby's teeth and to check dental health by inviting them for periodic examinations.    
What not to do before treatment is more important than what to do. The things to be considered before the first dental examination are as follows;

  • Do not use sentences such as "there will be nothing to be afraid of, you will not feel pain" to your child before the treatment.
  • Children should not be rewarded with gifts after a dental examination. A gift makes the child understand that the procedure is not an easy one.
  • It would be healthier not to tell your child about your good or bad experiences with the dentist in the past.
  • Do not tell your child that if he/she does not go to the dentist, he/she will get more cavities in his/her teeth and then he/she will have to be injected and the teeth will have to be extracted. Because all these feared operations may one day turn into treatments that your child may need. 

Do not tell your child that the dentist will only look at their teeth. Let your child and the pediatric dentist determine the procedures for the first appointment together.

What to Do at the First Pediatric Dentist Visit

The purpose of pediatric dentists in the first dental check-up is to look at all the teeth of children with the help of mirrors and light, and inform the family about existing problems and types of treatment. Nutrition and protective applications are very important applications. Parents are informed about these issues.     
Pedodontists play games with children to familiarize themselves with them during the first dental examination and this approach of pedodontists contributes to breaking the dentist phobia.

What to do when bringing children for check-ups

In order for the first dental experience in children to be a good one, precautions should be taken before problems begin. Therefore, an examination appointment should be made within 1 year after the first tooth erupts in infancy. If you meet the dentist in the future and are a pediatric patient, some points should be considered;

  • Children should especially come to treatment appointments with their parents.
  • Children should never be brought to a treatment appointment full unless told otherwise.
  • Children who have successfully undergone dental treatment may suddenly exhibit maladaptive behavior when they are tired and bored. This can have a bad effect on their subsequent examinations. Therefore, do not insist on too many procedures for your children and the dentist.   

Do not ask demotivating questions such as "did it hurt? how do you feel?" during your child's treatment.

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