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Do Braces Affect Speech?

Before orthodontic treatment, some people may ask questions to the orthodontist. These questions are usually about orthodontic procedures and smile improvement. In addition to these, people may also be curious about the answers to questions such as "Do braces affect speech". Braces treatment does not directly affect speech, since there will only be an adaptation process after the procedure, the person may experience minor difficulties during speech for a few days. These problems usually disappear after 1 week.

Do Braces Affect Speech?

Each approach has pros and cons, including effectiveness, visibility and how it affects the patient's speech. While it is natural for orthodontic treatments to cause some minor speech problems initially, this effect is almost always temporary. 

Tips to Adapt to Braces

The effects of braces on speech may vary from person to person. While some people adapt to this situation faster after braces, for some people this adaptation process may be difficult or a little painful.           

After braces treatment, the pain usually subsides after 1 week and the person starts to get used to the situation. However, there are some practices and tips that people who are going through a difficult process can do to adapt to braces. These tips can be listed as follows:          

A Good Oral Hygiene Routine       
It is necessary to clean the braces after every meal to remove food debris that can build up on the braces. A regular routine of brushing teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day helps to keep teeth and gums healthy.           

Consume Soft Food       
Soft foods should be consumed for the first few days to adapt to braces. Since there may be pain in the teeth for the first few days, consuming soft foods will help alleviate any pain. With the disappearance of pain, hard foods can be taken slowly.         

Gargle with Salt Water       
In case of any pain or irritation, you can gargle with salt water. It should be rinsed gently in the mouth for about 20 seconds and can be done up to six times a day. Salt water reduces any discomfort and also helps any wounds that may be present to heal faster.          

Stop Smoking       
Smoking negatively affects the teeth and gums, making it difficult for braces to do their job. People whose oral health is compromised by smoking may need to wear their braces longer.         

Why Orthodontic Disorders Should Be Treated

Removal of crowded teeth can only be done with braces treatment. With the braces treatment applied in order for the individual to have a healthy mouth and tooth structure, it is ensured that the problems experienced in situations such as chewing or speaking are corrected and some gum problems are prevented. Orthodontic treatment does not impair speech and contrary to this idea, it improves speech disorders and enables the person to speak more fluently.         

What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

The benefits of orthodontic treatment are not limited to achieving a beautiful smile. Orthodontic braces also help improve a person's overall health. First of all, the person's self-confidence increases and he/she can participate in social environments that he/she did not want to enter due to dental problems.          

People who think they have a bad dental appearance try to hide their teeth while eating, laughing and talking. After orthodontic treatment, such problems disappear. In addition, dental disorders that cause psychological problems make the person feel happy and peaceful after treatment.         

Orthodontic treatment positions the teeth on the line where they should be in the mouth and improves oral health. Therefore, gum diseases, tooth decay and tooth loss that may develop are prevented. In addition, chewing problems are eliminated, tooth wear problems are eliminated, and pain in areas such as the face and jaw is prevented.         

Do Braces Improve Speech?

"Do braces affect speech"as well as the answer to the question of whether they will correct speech disorders and speech problems. Orthodontic treatment has many benefits and advantages for patients. With braces treatment, the oral and jaw health of the person is improved, dental diseases that may occur are prevented and a perfect smile can be provided to the person.         

In addition, the treatment has many benefits on speech. In these personalized treatments, wires suitable for the patient's mouth and jaw structure are used. In this way, the disorders that the person has are treated. Speech disorders are also included in these treatments. It provides the person with much more fluent and understandable speech in the long term.

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